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Vox AC15C1 Custom 15W 1x12" Limited Edition Red

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

AUD $1,599.00
AUD $1,199.00

The 40W Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III is equipped with a 12" Celestion speaker, and it may be the world standard for gigging guitarists. With bottom-end headroom characteristic of 6L6 tubes and a versatile all-12AX7 tube preamp, the Hot Rod Deluxe III amp offers luscious Fender spring reverb, an effects loop, and more.

If you want to add a little output, fullness, and stage coverage, you can even add a matching 112 extension enclosure to your Hot Rod Delue III.

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amp also packs these upgrades: easy-view black control panel with front-reading text, new badge, streamlined footswitch, graduated volume and treble pot tapers, tighter overdrive, and a Celestion G12P-80 speaker.

Fender Super-Sonic 22 22W 1x12 Combo

AUD $2,299.00
AUD $1,825.00

Also available in black! For all the lovers of that notorious Fender tube-driven sound, the company rolls out the Super-Sonic 22 22W 1x12 tube combo, pushing your guitar tone into meaty guitar-shred heaven.

The Fender Super-Sonic 22 amp offers 22 watts of guitar power, for punishing distorted sound with more dedicated tone and bass frequency. With two channels and a handful of stellar tubes, your guitar tone will instantly be taken to new heights of sound barrier-shaking guitar tone.

The Fender Super-Sonic 22 delivers this versatility with the organic feel and moderate output power of the legendary Deluxe Reverb amp, perfect for most stage and studio applications. The Vintage channel on the tube amp delivers pure, unmistakable Fender tone, and the awesome Burn channel ignites musical inspiration with overdrive flavors ranging from bluesy to flame-throwing. And while the Fender Super-Sonic 22 is capable of heavily saturated tube distortion and sustain, it never masks the tonal character of your guitar. Offered in classic Black/Silver or iconic 1961 Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatment; both Fender amp versions include ivory "radio" knobs and flowing 1960s script logo.

The Fender Super-Sonic 22 guitar amp delivers this versatility with the organic feel and moderate output power of the legendary Deluxe Reverb amp, perfect for most stage and studio applications. The Vintage channel delivers pure, unmistakable Fender tone, and the awesome Burn channel ignites musical inspiration with overdrive flavors ranging from bluesy to flame-throwing. And while the Super-Sonic 22 is capable of heavily saturated tube distortion and sustain, it never masks the tonal character of your guitar. Offered in classic Black/Silver or iconic 1961 Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatment; both versions include ivory "radio" knobs and flowing 1960s script logo.

This 1x12 was designed for the most discerning guitarist, looking to embrace a mixture of modern high-gain mayhem, or classic Fender cleans. This amp will become your favorite new fast ride.

Orange OR15H 15W Compact Tube Head

AUD $1,199.00
AUD $949.00

The new Orange OR15H guitar amp takes it’s lead from the legendary graphics amps of the 70’s, creating the classic Orange 70’s tone is a new compact package using the latest technology and construction materials. The OR15H offers an alternative specification for those looking for a 15 watt Class A guitar amp, still delivering the vintage Orange tone and for the first time offering the “Pics Only” styling in a smaller package with a wooden chassis, three band EQ and FX loop. With incredible vintage tone and unmatched versatility, once heard you will be hooked on the OR15H for life!

Ulbrick Sound Firebottle 5 Combo

AUD $1,745.00

Available for order! he latest member of the Ulbrick Sound family, the 5w 'Firebottle' combo really does prove that good things come in small packages! Featuring the same point to point military spec hand wiring that all Ulbrick amps are famous for, this little guy packs a punch with a 1x10 speaker in combo form, and is also available in a head. A fantastic choice for small venues, rehearsals or the studio, low wattage valve amps don't come any better than this.

Marshall MG Series MG15CF 15W 1x8 Combo

AUD $169.00
AUD $145.00

The Marshall MG Series MG Series MG15CF 15W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp is an ideal amp for practicing and even performing in small to medium settings. Boasting a bold carbon fibre clad look, solid digital effects and MG's critically acclaimed, analogue tonal heart, the MGCF Series has arrived and is already the practice amp choice of some of the world's leading players.

Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb

AUD $1,799.00
AUD $1,399.00

1968 was a transitional year for Fender amps, with tone that was still pure Fender but a look that was brand new. With a silver-and-turquoise front panel and classy aluminum “drip edge” grille cloth trim, the Princeton Reverb received a fresh new face as it remained the perfect recording and gigging amp. Small, light and moderately powered, it produced big tube tone, with world-class Fender reverb and vibrato effects. For countless guitarists ever since, the Princeton Reverb has been the go-to amp for classic Fender sound. The ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb Amp pays tribute to the classic look, sound and performance of Fender’s late-’60s “silverface” amps. In a special twist, a modified tone circuit gives modern players greater tonal flexibility with pedals, and the amp’s reduced negative feedback gives greater touch sensitivity and quicker onset of overdrive. The ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb’s single 10” Celestion® TEN 30 speaker also delivers a more distinctively rock ‘n’ roll flavor.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Wine Red/Wheat

AUD $1,599.00
AUD $1,279.00

Here’s a Hot Rod Deluxe that’s become a fine vintage with quite a nice bouquet! Wine Red vinyl covering, blonde grille cloth and Creme knobs make this the right choice for any occasion. Unique features to this amp include: Wine Red vinyl covering, Wheat grille cloth and Creme knobs. Also includes “Limited Edition“ FSR badge.

Ulbrick Sound Arena 'Fat 50' Head

AUD $1,899.00

The evil brother of the Arena 50 has even more crunch and headroom than the standard Arena 50. Fitted with 2X El34 output tubes 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes and footswitchable dual master volumes. There is no doubt that this Arena FAT 50 head can deliver the most extreme soul burning riffs. Please note: Stock amp finished in Carbon Black.

Marshall DSL15C All-Valve 15 Watt Combo

AUD $899.00
AUD $699.00

The DSL15C is a compact, all-valve 15 Watt combo that delivers on tone. Powered by two 6V6 power valves and three ECC83s in the preamp, the DSL15C might be small, but its guts are as serious as its big brother, the DSL100H. With footswitchable classic/ultra gain channels, deep switch to boost lower-end chunk, and on the back panel, a pentode/triode switch for maximum flexibility (15 Watt to 7.5 Watt), the DSL15H perfectly combines performance, versatility and value for money. The DSL15C is loaded with a single 12” Celestion G12E speaker, and is supplied with a two button footswitch for channel change and reverb on/off. f

Orange - Speaker Cabinet - PPC212OB 2x12 Open Back

AUD $1,099.00
AUD $799.00

There are many guitarists who are quite happy to plug their head into any cabinet they can lay their hands on. It's a pity as you only need use your ears to realize the difference the right cabinet can make to your amplifier's sound.
The Right Speakers Too many manufacturers compromise their cabinets by using inexpensive speakers. This foolhardy decision can be disastrous! After all, it's the speakers that turn your playing into what your ears actually hear. Orange carefully selects the finest speakers from the world's best manufacturers to ensure that your amplifier's tone is never compromised!
The Right Materials Durability aside, the obvious advantage of denser materials is to aid in thickening your amplifier's sound and improving speaker projection. Orange cabinets feature an 18ply birch plywood shell. The Right Design Orange's unique "skid" design helps to acoustically couple the cabinet to the stage. The advantage? Better definition and bass response.

Vox AC30HW2 30W 2x12 Combo Handwired

AUD $2,399.00
AUD $1,899.00

The all new Vox Handwired amps are here. The AC30HW2 is powered by a quartet of EL84 power tubes with a GZ34 rectifier and a trifecta of 12AX7 preamp tubes for pure classic Vox tone. The traditional Vox two channel design has been used with Normal and Top Boost channels with some extra features. The Normal channel features a Bright switch for extra sparkle on those darker sounding guitars while the Top Boost channel has an added Hot/Cool switch for bypassing the tone stack. This allows for the guitar signal to directly hit the power amp for more gain and power. The new Vox Handwired AC30HW2 also features a Master Volume for playing at lower levels but there is also a Master Volume bypass for cranking up and getting all the tone of the power amp as well. Lastly, there is an output mode switch for cutting the output power in half for those quieter sessions or for getting that Vox drive at lower levels.

The cabinets are birch-ply with solid bracing and a natural high frequency diffuser covered in vintage Fawn tolex just like the 1960 AC30. This combination of functional design and classic styling breathe new life into the Vox line up. The AC30HW2 is loaded with two Celestion G12M Greenbacks for that gritty vintage tone with optimal speaker breakup. If the old school of Vox tone is what you seek, the Vox Handwired AC30 is a perfect place to start. Vox Handwired AC30 Combo – AC30HW2 Features:

Fender '65 Twin Reverb Vintage Reissue Combo

AUD $2,999.00
AUD $2,299.00

The Fender '65 Twin Reverb Amp is an authentic reproduction of the original classic! Features all-tube circuitry to deliver that fat, warm tone generations have loved from California beaches to the Grand Ol' Opry. One of the cleanest tube amps ever, or crank it hard for slight crunch. Delivers 85W through 2 - 12s. Has 2 channels, tube vibrato, tube spring reverb, tilt-back legs, and Blackface cosmetics. Includes 2-button footswitch.

Marshall MG Series MG30CFX 30W 1x10 Guitar Combo

AUD $369.00
AUD $319.00

The Marshall MG Series MG30CFX 30W 1x10 Guitar Combo Amp is an ideal amp for practicing and even performing in small to medium settings. Boasting a bold, carbon fiber-clad look, solid digital effects, and the MG Series' critically acclaimed, analog tonal heart, the MGCF Series has arrived and is already the practice amp choice of some of the world's leading players.

Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass

AUD $119.00

Guitarists have long been familiar with these best-selling, portable, solid-state combo amps, and now bass players can experience a taste of the legendary VOX brand with the Pathfinder Bass 10. From the diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl leather to the vintage chicken-head knobs, the Pathfinder Bass 10 loudly proclaims its VOX pedigree. This dual- speaker, deep-thumping, portable amp is ideal for the on-the-go bass player. In addition to Treble and Bass tone-shaping controls, the Bright switch offers an edgy boost to the upper harmonics. Turning up the Drive control provides a warm, bass distortion that adds character and vitality to the tone. The Pathfinder Bass 10 pumps out 10 watts into a pair of 5” VOX bulldog speakers. A headphone/line output jack is also provided for silent practice and recording.

Blackstar HT Stage HT-60 60W Tube Guitar Combo

AUD $1,699.00
AUD $1,529.00

Please call or email for availability! EL34s deliver 60W of awesome tube power through 2 high-quality Celestion speakers in this nicely priced boutique combo.
The Blackstar HT Stage 60's selected duet of EL34s deliver 60W of glorious tube power through 2 high-quality Celestion speakers, making for a combo that will deliver every night, even in the most testing live environment. The Blackstar amp's 'boutique' style clean channel is extremely versatile with 2 modes: 'British Class-A' and 'dynamic US'. Each of the amplifier's 2 ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) equipped overdrive channels allows a further 2 modes.
The Clean Channel on the Blackstar HT-60 combo has 2 modes, 'boutique' and 'modern' and its own Tone control provides a wide range of clean tones. The Voice switch reconfigures both the preamplifier voicing and gain structure, and the power amplifier damping, to reproduce either ringing Class A Performance in the 'boutique' mode, or very clean and tight Class AB tones in the 'modern' setting.
The Overdrive Channel has its own EQ section and a Voice switch that allows the character of the channel to be changed, providing a wide variety of overdriven tones. The channel is characterized by a tone that's high in gain, but lacks any of the detached top-end 'fizz' often found in similar designs. This is a result of the Blackstar HT-60 guitar amp's unique preamplifier and power amplifier shaping techniques, which cleans up the overdrive beautifully as the guitar volume is reduced. Even at the most extreme settings, the overdrive channel on the Blackstar Venue HT-60 amplifier remains natural sounding. The ISF control is unique to Blackstar Amplification and represents a major step forward in tone shaping flexibility.
The ISF control shifts the response of the 3-control tone stack between a US-type response at one end, and at the other a UK-type response. The Blackstar tube amp provides an infinite number of alternative tone choices in between the 2 extremes that would be otherwise unavailable.
The Blackstar HT-60 guitar amp also features a completely natural sounding digital reverb, which is outstandingly musical on both clean and crunch tones and raises the benchmark for guitar amplifier specific reverb design. A Dark/Bright switch allows the overall reverb characteristics to be modified to suit different tastes and playing styles.


Vintage/Pre-Owned - Jackson ampworks Atlantic 4.0 Combo

AUD $2,799.00

When the Atlantic was first created in 2003, it quickly gained the praise and respect of everyone who played it! From A-List session players to weekend warriors, the verdict was unanimous; we had created a tone monster! Several years later, and after many months of redesign and fine tuning, we are very pleased to re-lease our famed Atlantic with its new name, The Atlantic 4.0!

The Atlantic 4.0 picks up right where the original Atlantic left off adding a host of new and innovative features that make the Atlantic 4.0 the most responsive, touch sensitive and flexible high gain amp ever made! The Atlantic 4.0 is our tribute to one of the greatest amp designers of all time; Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits and his legendary Trainwreck Express. Not a clone by any stretch of the imagination, the Atlantic 4.0 is our take on how a high gain, non-master volume amp should be done and incorporates features never before seen in an amp of this class!

The Atlantic like the Trainwreck series of amps is built for the serious player who wants to cover a gig with nothing but a guitar, a cord and an amp! Every shade of overdrive you could ever want is available from the Atlantic 4.0 with nothing more than a twist of your guitars volume control! With the players volume control lowered, the Atlantic 4.0 delivers the chimiest most harmonically rich clean tones you have ever heard and when raised, the amp seamlessly transitions to over the top screaming overdrive all with nothing more than a twist of the guitars volume control!

The Atlantic 4.0 builds on this platform of performance by adding new features that expand the tonal palette of the player and allow the amp to be used in a host of new musical styles! The Atlantic 4.0 contains a feature rich front panel that allows the player to sculpt his/her tone to perfection!

From Left to Right the controls are: Inputs – The Atlantic features two inputs that feed the preamp of the amplifier. The HI input should be used when maximum gain is desired or when using a guitar with low output. The LO input should be used when maximum clean headroom is desired or with guitars that have high output. The LO input has approximately a -6dB reduction in gain.

Since Jackson Ampworks began in 2003, we have established ourselves as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality amplifiers available and we are proud to say that with the launch of the Atlantic 4.0 , the quality of construction methods used in our amplifiers have only improved. Quality to us is more than just a bragging right, it is a critical component in every amp that we build. This commitment to quality is such a cornerstone of our business that every amp we build undergoes a rigorous testing and documentation process that lasts for over 3 straight days! By the time your amp reaches you, we have done everything we can to break it so you can rest assured that it will give you years of trouble free service!

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